Top yoga asanas for beginners


Malasana releases the lower back, opens the hips, and turns the practitioner into a cute little nugget. Explore variations and tips on how to make this pose easier or how to go deeper.

Plank Pose (Kumbhakasana)

Start on all fours with wrists directly under shoulders. Extend legs to straight behind body, toes tucked. Engage abs and bring hips level with shoulders so back is flat.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This pose marks the beginning of series for the best yoga positions for beginners and is highly effective for building strength and balance in the entire body.

Must-know yoga asanas

Cat and Cow (Marjaiasana / Bitilasana)

One of the most essential and easiest yoga poses for a beginner to learn is cat pose and cow pose.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

It might look like you’re simply standing with your arms at your side, but Mountain Pose is a powerful one as it lays the groundwork for all the future yoga positions you’re going to master.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This pose teaches one to stand with majestic steadiness like a mountain. The word ‘Tada’ means a mountain, that’s where the name comes from. It involves the major groups of muscles and improves focus and concentration.

The most useful yoga tips

Find the right class and yoga teacher for you
Remember that yoga teachers love questions. Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand something. Especially if your teacher demonstrates a pose you have never done before.
Enjoy your Savasana
For many students, both first-time and long-term, savasana (final rest pose) can be the most challenging posture of the class. Many of us are used to being in constant motion, and lying still with ourselves and our thoughts, with no movement to distract us, can be a new experience.
Release expectation
Within the yogic texts, releasing expectation is something we’re taught about again and again. When we focus only on the outcome of a situation, we deny ourselves the ability to really be present and fully in the moment itself.


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